Accounting salaries

After graduating from an accounting degree, the next hurdle that new graduates face is how to become a Certified Public Accountant. Why? Every job position requires a particular set of requirements. Compared to only having a degree with this being coupled with a certification, you are able to open more career options. Of course, experience is still one of the defining factors when trying to find for a job. Educational background together with related experience may allow you entry to these accounting jobs that are considered hard to fill according to employers.

Most Coveted Accounting Positions and Their Corresponding Salaries

Financial Controller salary

Financial controllers are in charge of the financial health of an entity. Work mainly revolves around the preparation of financial reports that reflect the company’s performance. This may include statement of financial report, income statement, VAT returns and cash flow statement. The controller usually works with a team and provides encouragement and support to its members. Other duties may include but is not limited to financial modelling and analysis, monitoring departments regarding their performance and expenditures, insurance management and preparation of annual budgets. A controller position will often require a CPA designation, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and 5 to 10 years of experience in finance or accounting. The average salary of financial controllers is $78,000 per annum according to Indeed.

Valuation Analyst salary

Valuation analysis is vital for entities or people that are mostly interested in selling and buying of assets. This is the process seeks to answer what will be the value of a particular asset at a certain period with the use of a current or future projection. There are several types of valuation methods used and one of the most popular of these is the P/E (Price/ Earning) method. Most valuation analysts are CPAs because this needs a certain level of understanding in finance. CareerBliss estimates the average valuation analyst salary to be at $58,000 per annum while Indeed says that this is $72,000 a year.

Tax Manager salary

Tax managers as its name implies are responsible in the overseeing and implementing the tax plan of an entity. This job usually encompasses preparing tax returns, addressing impending tax problems of the business, ensuing that the business complies with tax regulations, devising some ways on how a company can reduce its taxes, and working closely with senior managers to meet company objectives. CPAs who have specialized in taxation and hold an MBA degree are often given priority for this position. According to Indeed, the average tax manager salary in the United States is $72,000 per annum while on the other hand claims this to be at $107,136 a year.

Financial Analyst salary

There are several educational paths leading to a financial analyst position and one of the most appropriate degrees for this is accounting. Financial analysts are professionals that provide guidance to business entities regarding its financial decisions. This includes the sale or acquisition of a property. Some of the tasks of a financial analysts includes studying a company’s financial reports, looking into business trends, and comparison of past and present data. Aside from a four-year degree, financial analysts may be required to have an MBA for advanced positions. Financial analysts recorded an average income of $70,000 per year in Indeed while the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a salary rate of $76,950 a year or an equivalent rate of $37 an hour.

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