Administration salaries

If you are endowed with the gift or organizational skills, you may bode well in an administrative job. Most administrative jobs require that you know how to categorize records with the use of tools like a spreadsheet. Salary rates are said to be higher is certain sectors. According to, the best rates were earned in the legal sector. While jobs in the fashion, publishing and advertising industries seem to attract the limelight, pay-outs are not considered as high. Here are the expected pay rates for several administrative jobs available in the market.

How Much Salary Should You Expect from an Administrative Job ?

Bill and Accounts Collector

Those who have this work mostly work for a call center or a third-party bills collector. The main task of a bill and accounts collector is to try to collect overdue payments from the clients of a certain entity. This may involve calling the parties involved and trying to work out a payment scheme that could be afforded by the customer. A high school degree is usually the minimum requirement for this job but some employers prefer applicants who have a degree. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that average salary for this trade is $31,310 annually or $15.05 an hour.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants

paralegal salary and legal assistants work for lawyers, providing support such as research and drafting legal documents. Most of them work full-time, organizing information, writing reports and conducting investigations when deemed necessary. Many paralegals and legal assistants entered into this profession by taking a certificate or an associate degree in paralegal studies. Some lawyers opt to hire individuals with a bachelor’s degree and provide training themselves. BLS claims that this trade will you an average income of $46,680 yearly or an hourly rate of $22.44.

administrative salaries - secretaries and many more

administrative salaries

Financial Clerks

Most financial clerk positions will only require you to obtain a high school diploma. However, if you want to work for a large brokerage firm, you may want to consider getting a 2 or 4 year college diploma. The trade can be learned in a matter of 1 month. If you have great mathematics, communication and organizational skills, this job may be good for you. Job opportunities may be found in different financial setting such as banks, government offices and hospitals. A financial clerk is expected to earn an average annual compensation of $33,710 or $16.21 an hour.

Human Resources Assistant

The main job of a human resources assistant is to aid the HR directors and managers be updated with employee information. These may include personal information like address and tax information. Some of the common tasks of a human resource assistant is answering phone calls, creating filing systems, answering emails, keeping track of employee financial information and maintaining calendars. You can enter this type of job without a degree. Most human resources assistants either have a high school diploma of hold an equivalent educational attainment. Some employers give priority to those who hold a bachelor’s degree though. Expect to earn an average annual wage of $38,340 of an hourly income of $18.43 for this kind of job.

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