Architecture salaries

Architecture is the art of designing, planning and constructing infrastructures that include buildings. The person responsible for this is a professional called an architect. Some of most popular architectural works can be seen even in the early days. Take for instance the great Pyramids of Egypt, The Colosseum and The Pantheon in Rome, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Taj Mahal of India, and The Palace of Versailles in France. Each one is considered popular in its own right but exhibits its own distinct design. This was of course made possible because of the work of an architect. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in architecture nowadays will give you many options. Some of these are listed below.

What is Architecture and How Much Can You Earn From It ?

Drafter salary

Drafting classes are often offered in architectural courses. Some architectural graduates jumpstart their career working as a drafter under the supervision of a qualified architect or engineer. The work will mostly consist of creating drawings such as building layout, aesthetic design and outdoor plan. Depending on the availability of technology and the educational background of the drafter, drawing can be rendered by hand or with the use of computer aided design (CAD). Drafters are expected to earn an average income of $49,360 per year or an equivalent rate of $23.86 an hour.

Residential Architect salary

A residential architect brings to life the dreams of clients to have a wonderful home. This will be a process of coming up with drafts until the customer is satisfied. Contrary to the belief that architects could do away with any design on all projects, most of these work according to the preference of the client. For example, some may demand that the building should adhere to Feng Shui practices. Residential architects are earning an average income of $94,000 a year in the United States according to Indeed. Salary could be higher in metropolitan areas. For example, a residential architect in New York earns a mean income of $114,000 while the rate in Georgia is $108,000.

Industrial Architect salary

In the past, architecture for commercial purposes was not considered distinct from that of residential buildings. The only difference considered then was the size of the project. This changed though during the Industrial revolution. Today, industrial architecture is considered a different field of specialty. Architects working for this specific industry are called an industrial architects. Just like residential architects, they also design, plan and construct infrastructures only that these were made for a particular industry. Examples of these are plants, warehouses, factories, breweries, power plants, refineries and mills. SimplyHired says that the average income of industrial architects is $67,000 a year.

Project Manager salary

Architects have the option to work as a construction project manager. This person is in charge of overseeing the construction of the project that includes managing the contractors, making budget decisions, and ensuing the timely delivery of the project. A construction project manager is often expected to have at least 10 years of experience in the construction industry. Indeed says that average salary of construction project managers is $76,000 a year, close to the estimate of PayScale which is $71,963 per annum. Read more about project management salaries.

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