Army & Defence salaries

Becoming a decorated soldier is not as easy as it sounds. You need to enter into a military school and render many hours of work both inside the classroom and in the training field. Once you successfully graduate from one of these schools though, you are able to jumpstart your career with a corresponding position that is not normally awarded to those who have not finished military school. The army and defence sector is often associated to military officers only. However, this sector is also open to civilians. If you want to be a part of this but are not willing to undergo rigorous training just like military students, you may still gain entry to this sector with these types of jobs.

Is the Army and Defence Sector Exclusive to Soldiers ?

IT Specialist salary

Many industries are now reliant on technology and the army and defence sector is no different. An entity is considered only as strong as its network and its bundle of information. In today’s time, networking is mostly done through the use of computers. IT specialists help the military maintain, install and operate computers and its peripherals.  They also implement updates on these if necessary. One of the most challenging task of an IT specialist is getting rid of bugs in the computer system or data. An IT specialist job will not necessarily necessitate you to have a bachelor’s degree. Some were able to enter into this trade with only an associate or post-secondary classes.  Glassdoor says that US Army IT specialist are earing in between the rates of $24,000 to $110,000 a year while Indeed says that IT specialists in general have an average salary of $43,000 per annum.

Army Health Care salary

While brains will allow you to excel in strategic combat, you also need physical stamina to make this work. For this, soldiers need an extra help coming from the medical team. A physical problem such as a blurry vision or a body ache could compromise the success of a mission. This could be avoided with the presence of dentists, doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners in the army. The educational requirements needed in these types of jobs vary greatly. For example, a doctor will need to enrol in pre-medical course before enrolling in medical school. This will be followed with internship and fellowship. Military nurses are earning a mean income of $56,000 a year according to Indeed. This website also stated that the average military dentist salary is $118,000 per annum while military doctors have a rate of $98,000.

Contractor salary

To sustain its operational activities, the army needs to have access to the latest supplies and technology. Contractors are civilians responsible in bringing about these needs. These may engage in manufacturing its own supplies or could also be engaged in research regarding the possible needs of the soldiers. The Army Contracting Command is known to spend $100 billion dollars in procurements alone. Being employed in this division will allow you stipends for travel and living expenses too.

For the Brave

Of course, you can always opt to enter the army and defence sector as a soldier or an officer. While the step to becoming one is very difficult, pay rates do significantly increase with promotion. A Private (E1) soldier with 2 years of experience for instance has a salary of $18,378 per annum. A Star Sergeant (E6) with 6 years of experience receives a salary of $35,578.80 a year while a Major with 6 years of experience earns a basic pay of $69,978.60. Pay rates could still be augmented with allowances and bonuses.

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