Art & Design salaries

There are many different ways by which one can express one’s self. One of these is with the use of art. Art itself is expressed in different ways. While not everybody may not fully understand how this works, the fact is, people are surrounded by art even without their knowing. For example, every day when a person goes to work, he puts on his pair of favourite shoes and dresses himself by adorning clothes coupled with his favourite accessories. One may not fully appreciate or are not fully aware that most of the man-made things that surround us today is a form of art. Traffic lights, clothes, bags, buildings, movies and music-these are all the products of art. Will a creative job give you that security just like a back office job? Not all parents are supportive of their children when it comes to pursuing their creative interests. After reading this article, they might probably change their minds.

Art Directors

Before being selected for this position, art directors typically gain an experience of 3 or 5 years in a different field such as graphic artist, photographers or illustrators depending on what is required of the job. Courses like Bachelor’s in Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts will give you an edge in this job. What do they usually do? Art directors set the overall design for television, advertisements, films and even the themes for product lines. They usually work with a team of artists. They work in different settings such as publishing houses, advertising agencies, movie and television sets. In the field of art and design, they are considered among the highest paid. The average annual wage of art directors is $80,630 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) or an hourly pay of $38.77.

Fashion Designers

You often see their work in the runway. You may have heard of the brands Armani, Prada, Chanel, Zara, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Diesel. These are the names of fashion brands. The owners of these companies are considered billionaires in their own right. It only goes to show that there in money in the fashion industry. Why not when people dress up every day when they go to work or attend important events? People spend money on clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. These things are considered status symbols that man has come to live with. Today, many emerging fashion designers are starting to make their own mark in the fashion industry thanks to the endorsements of celebrities. If you have the passion for designing clothes, you could be earning an annual income of $64,530 of have an hourly wage of $31.02. Land a lucrative endorsement and you might find yourself a millionaire in the future.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

There was a time when kids were entertained with comic strips. Today, entertainment is very sophisticated. You now see movies in 3D. While you can still 2D animations today, the quality of work is far better than decades ago. Even live movies are enhanced with animations. Did you enjoy the movie Spiderman or Superman? Then it’s a good thing that technology is now advanced and allowed multimedia artists and animators to create these. Technology keeps on improving and in ten years’ time, who knows how sophisticated movies will be by then. For now, multimedia artists and animators are in demand and are making an average income of $58,510 annually or $28.13 an hour.

Other Creative Jobs

When one is endowed with a talent geared to art and design, there are many wonderful opportunities awaiting you. Some of the jobs related to art and design include architects, interior design, industrial design, set and exhibit designers, fine arts and floral artists. If you intend to make enough to make a living out of your art, choosing a specific industry that is in demand now could be your best bet.

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