Business salaries

Choosing a degree entails considering one’s skills and passion. While it is important to choose a degree that will make you happy, you also have to choose an option that will secure your future financially. Although passion for something will make you love what you do, having a job that will pay your bills including the ability to pay off the basic needs of your family is something that should be greatly considered. If you want to have an edge in getting a job that pays well, getting a degree in business will give you the ability to choose among many different options. Here are some of the jobs that holders of business majors could possibly acquire in the future.


Yes. You can be the CEO of an entity with a business major. CEOs are earning an average yearly income of $176,840 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), equivalent to an hourly rate of $85.02. Although job outlook for this position is very minimal with the projected growth of only 0.3%, salary is considered very high with the 25th percentile still able to earn a 6-figure income of $109,940. Tasks taken on by a CEO could be very diverse from overseeing financial issues of the company, taking care of public relations and hiring employees. Read more about CEO salary in USA, Canada or America.

Marketing Manager

Branding could either make or break a product. The success of the recall value of a certain product lies in the hands of a marketing manager. If you see a commercial that could never be forgotten or you simply can’t resist it and must at all costs have to buy the product, this is often attributed to the successful work of a marketing manager and his team. Job outlook for meeting manager positions is a rise of 14% from 2010 to 2020. BLS reports the mean annual compensation for this job at $129,870 per year or $62.44 per hour.

Financial Manager

The company depends on financial managers to ensure the stability of the financial health of the business. These people are responsible in preparing the financial reports of the business including coming up with plans for the company’s investment activities. People who have worked in business or financial occupations have an edge in being awarded this position. An example of this is a financial analyst position. Financial managers have a mean annual wage of $103,910 or an hourly rate of $49.96. A Master’s degree could gain you entry in this job.

Financial Analyst

In order to secure its finances, a business may also engage in other types of investment activities aside from the core function of the business. These activities may include investing in bonds or stocks. A business hires a financial analyst to study the trends in these investments and to give recommendations on which of these ventures will make the most profit for the business. Financial analysts are earning a mean annual wage of $89,410 or hourly wage of $442.98 according to BLS. The possibility of gaining entry to this position is promising with growth predicted to rise by 23% from 2010 to 2020.

Other Job Opportunities

Aside from the jobs mentioned, a person with a business in major has other options to choose from be this in the public or private sector. With a business degree, entry-level jobs could include the likes of business consultant, management trainee, purchaser buyer and the option to work in public sector offices.

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