Construction salaries

As the economy fluctuates, so does one’s hope in finding a job in the construction industry. If the economy is down, entities may need to cut down costs and this may result to the postponement of several construction projects. This is one of the downsides of being in the construction industry. All work is on a per project basis. You could be earning right now but once the project is through, your salaries will also be stunted. However, when the economy is good, salary could be stable as more construction projects are being built. So how much should you expect to make in the construction industry


The plan for a building are prepared by an architect. An architect uses his mind to come up with the design of a building including choosing and implementing materials that will be used. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), architects have a median yearly pay of $72,550 of are receiving an hourly income of $34.88. Is this a difficult job? Imagine how many buildings or houses are built every single day. An architect comes up with building designs that are considered unique from the already existing infrastructures. The number of jobs for architects from 2010 to 2020 is expected to rise by 24%. Read more about architect salary.

Civil Engineer

You often see civil engineers working in big projects like airports, buildings, dams and bridges. Some of their duties would include planning, surveying the project site to test viability of the project, determining what materials are ideal for the use of the project and presenting cost estimate of the project. Civil engineers in the Unites States are receiving an average income of $84,140 annually or $40.45 an hour according to BLS. The 10th percentile are earning a wage of $51,280 while the upper 90th percentile have wages of $122,020. A rise of 19% on civil engineer jobs is expected to transpire from 2010 to 2020.

Cost Estimator

A cost estimator job may be assigned to individual with or without a bachelor’s degree. Individuals who have earned enough experience in the construction industry may be given this job. Cost estimators estimate the time, money and labor required to complete a particular project. This will give a business insight if a certain construction project should be undertaken by the entity. BLS says that the average yearly wage of cost estimators is $63,080 annually or $30.33 an hour.

Construction Manager

The job of a construction manager is very diverse. This person communicates with the architect, engineers, workers, and even lawyers to ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish. Construction managers are also called general contractors or project managers. Annual average pay for this type of job is $90,960 or an equivalent of $43.73 an hour. An associate’s degree may be needed in order to be qualified for this job.

Other Construction Jobs

Construction salaries will differ based on your field of specialty. Plumbers are expected to have an average pay of $51,830 while glaziers were reported to earn wages of $41,620. Expected salary rate for cement and concrete finishers is $39,370. If you are a painter, you will most likely receive an average income of $38,830. Brickmasons and blockmasons on the other hand could be earning a wage if $50,760 while electricians have a take home pay of $52,910. A carpenter position will give you an average compensation package of $44,330 and a construction worker will be earning a wage of $34,170. These rates will vary depending on your location and experience.

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