Education and Teaching salaries

For centuries now, educators have contributed to the development of the skills and broadened the knowledge of the youth starting from pre-school until post graduate studies. Their role is vital in shaping future roles of the youth of today. While some are receiving desirable wages, some educators are underrated and the importance of their job does not seem to coincide with remuneration received. Despite having low wages, many teachers opt to stay in this profession because their passion exceeds their need to have higher salaries. For some, however, compensation packages are deemed very desirable compared to other jobs available in the industry. Here’s a sneak peek on salaries of the educators in the Unites States.

Law Educators

Getting a degree in law will not only gain you entry to that coveted corporate position. Many lawyers opt to enter into the teaching profession as their sole job or on a part-time basis. There are almost 15,000 lawyer educators in the US alone. This profession will give you an expected annual income of $107,760. Comparing this rate to other education jobs, this is considered one of the highest paying job for in the field of education. The best rates for law educators is in Texas. Don’t be misled about the “educator” designation usually thought of as one of the least paid in the industry. The upper 10% of law educators are earning an average income of $187,199 annually.

College or University Head

This position is usually called by different designations. A college university head may be called a president, chancellor, or provost depending on what is being followed in the institution. Educators who have earned a doctorate degree leaning towards academic leadership are given priority in this position. For small college campuses, the head may be earning an average income of $100,000. Salaries are higher in more distinguished campuses with pay rates that could go as high as $3,000,000 depending on certain factors such as years of experience, number of students and growth of the school’s capital. While this may be a very desirable position, only a few are qualified and these positions come very rare because most college or university heads hold this position for quite a while before retiring.

Postsecondary Teachers in Health Specialties

Doctors and nurses hold very important positions in healthcare industries. Most medical emergency situations are resolved because of their expertise. Many lives are saved every single day thanks to the help of doctors and nurses. Why are they good at their job? Part of their knowledge were imparted with the help of teachers who too have undergone rigorous training and education. Teaching health subject is not an easy task. One must also be knowledgeable in recent medical breakthroughs in the field of medicine. Job growth is promising at 17 to 20 percent for this type of job. The average compensation for health instructors is $103,340 per year.

Pre-school Teachers

Teaching kids aged from 3 to 5 can be very challenging. This is where the basic skills such as reading, writing and speaking are developed. Surprisingly, compensation rates are not that high despite the responsibility of teaching kids of the basics of learning to behave in class and dealing with temper tantrums sometimes. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, pre-school teachers except those who are in special education are receiving an average income of $25,700 or an hourly rate of $12.35. New York has the highest average rate at $40,010.

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