Engineering salaries

The National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates says that there were more than 1. 5 million engineers in 2012. Most of these were working as electronics engineers where it was estimated that 295,520 were practicing this profession. This is followed by civil engineering jobs at 258,100, mechanical engineering jobs at 252,520 and industrial engineering work at 243,620. An engineer is someone adept with the concepts of mathematics and sciences and make use of these to arrive at practical solutions to certain technical problems. Many engineers are involved in the creation of new products such as software and robots. The engineering professions is very diverse- one could be called an engineer and work in software development and another could still have this title while working in construction such as what civil engineers do. The basic requirement to most engineering professions is a bachelor’s degree. Engineering salaries vary greatly depending on several factors but this will most likely be influenced by an individual’s field of specialization. For example, while an electrical and electronics engineer has an average salary of $87,180 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, aerospace engineers are expected to earn more with average an average income of $97,480. 

Engineer Job Description

Most engineering jobs will require one to be proficient in sciences and mathematics. All types of engineering jobs will find that organizational and interpersonal skills are useful. The duties and responsibilities of an engineer will be in accordance to his title or industry he is working for. Civil engineers for example somewhat resembles the work of a construction architect. These individuals are expected to design different types of infrastructures such as bridges, airports, highways, buildings and the like. They take note of positive or negative possible outcomes prior to the start of the project. Some civil engineers go beyond research and design where these are expected to supervise other workers. In comparison, an aerospace engineer works closely with the design and production of varied aerospace technology such as airplanes, space shuttles and armaments such as missiles. A field of specialization in aircraft will give you the designation of aeronautical engineer while a specialization in space shuttles will make you an astronautical engineer. Aerospace engineers use their knowledge to invent new aircraft technology such as advanced communication devices, better missiles or a more ergonomic aircraft design. Some choose to work in certain types of vehicles, contributing to their overall design. Engineering also encompasses the production and design of computer hardware. People working for this specific type of field are called computer hardware engineers. Their work is similar to that of an electronic engineer, with the difference of focus in hardware technology.

How much does an engineer make ?

Average Engineering Salary

Bureau of Labor Statistics computed the average engineering salaries according to specialization. Annual average wages recorded are as follows: Aerospace engineers at $97,480; agricultural engineers at $71,090; biomedical engineers at $81,540; electrical and electronics engineers at $87,180; civil engineers at $77,560; petroleum engineers at $114,080; mechanical engineers at $78,160; and industrial engineers at $76,100.

Engineering Salaries in US

Engineering salaries in the United States are influenced by differing factors. Experience, field of specialization and employer rates are just some of the factors that could directly affect engineering salaries. Engineering profession is so diverse to put this under one umbrella of practice hence salaries mentioned will be classified according to corresponding designation.

Electronics engineers in the US have a median wage of $70,505. Electronics engineering salaries ranged from $44,132 to $108,060. Entry-level salary rates have the potential to increase to twice the original amount after 20 years of being in the industry. Electronics Engineering rates according to experience are: less than 1 year is $41,068 to $76,594; 1 to 4 years is $36,888 to $84,449; 5 to 9 years is $49,823 to $97,442; 10 to 19 years is $59,239 to $111,186; 20 years and up is $51,783 to $146,121. On the other hand, civil engineer salaries recorded in PayScale ranged from $45,419 to $92,604 where median wage is calculated at $62,131. Rates increases with experience as seen on this data: those with less than 1 year have rates of $39,380 to $60,292; 1 to 4 years is $43,218 to $67,406; 5 to 9 years is $50,564 to $81,511; 10 to 19 years is $56,155 to $102,493; and 20 years or more will give you rates of $56,155 to $102,493. Software engineers are earning better wages than civil and electronics engineers. Median wage for software engineers recorded in PayScale is $77,924. Software engineering salaries ranged from $52,626 to $116,768. Those with less than a year of experience have rates of $45,575 to $92,213 while 20 years or more on this type of job will now increase engineering salaries to as much as $73,406 for up to $137,275. Benefits and perks that may be awarded to engineers are 401(k), paid holidays and sick leave, life insurance or disability, cell phones, education training and reimbursements and casual dress.

Engineering Salaries by Geographical Location

People who have a job in architecture, engineering and construction earned the highest salary in California with the rate of $68,543. Other states have the following rates: Texas at $67,173; New York at $61,484; Illinois at $62,774; Florida at $60,251; Ohio at $60,251; and Pennsylvania at $61,112. On the other hand, individuals working under programming, development and engineering recorded different rates although California still has the best rate at $101,394. Other states have recorded these average engineering salaries: Texas at $86,154; New York at $88,256; Illinois at $82,527; Florida at $79,321; Pennsylvania at $78,412; and Washington at $97,568.

Engineering Salaries in Canada

SalaryExplorer says that engineers in Canada have an average monthly wage of CA$6,891 where the highest salary earned in CA$20,000 while the lowest is CA$1,667. Indeed on the other hand says that the average wage for engineers in Canada is CA$87,000. PayScale shows different average engineering salaries depending on field of expertise. While civil engineers have an average wage of CA$ 62,135, structural engineers have better wages at CA$66,053. Mechanical engineers have a median wage of CA$62,315 while project engineers have the best rate at CA$73,356. Working in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction will give you the following average rates with regard to experience: less than 1 year at CA$51,252; 1 to 4 years at CA$56,969; 5 to 9 years at CA$68,340; 1 to 19 years at CA$79,050; and 20 years or more at CA$89,210. Saskatchewan has the best annual average rate at CA$71,015. Other territories on the other hand have the following average architecture, construction and engineering salaries: Ontario at CA$62,706; Alberta at CA$78,255; British Columbia at CA$64,107; Quebec at CA$58,444; Manitoba at CA$56,353; and Nova Scotia at CA$58,090.

Engineering Salaries in Australia

EngineeringJobs says that the average engineering salary in Australia is AU$129,786 for all types of sectors. Engineering salaries reported has the highest rate from chemical engineers with average salary recorded at AU$155,269. Other fields of specializations reported the following average engineering salaries: aeronautics and aerospace at AU$85,863; automotive engineering at AU$85,596; chemical engineering at AU$155,269; civil engineering at AU$133,269; electrical engineering at AU$119,754; electronic engineering at AU$123,861; environmental engineering at AU$133,117; industrial engineering at AU$108,326; mechanical engineering at AU$141,314; project engineering at AU$127,374; structural engineering at AU$140,284; and systems engineering at AU$113,908. PayScale says that the most desirable architecture, construction and engineering salaries come from Western Australia where the area reported an average salary of AU$84,929. Other territories have the following rates: Victoria at AU$66,483; Queensland at AU$77,622; New South Wales at AU$68,722; South Australia at AU$64,428; New South Wales (NSW) at AU$70,604; and the lowest is in Australian Capital Territory at AU$60,271.

Engineering Salaries in UK

In UK, the average salary in Reed’s data is £36,336. Among the engineering salaries gathered, the highest average rate was seen is in the industry of shipbuilding where this was recorded at £148,240. The industries that followed suit are the following: semiconductors at £51,965; marine at £50,091; geotechnical at £49,677; chemical or process at £48,357; operations management at £47,166; project/program manager at £45,616; microelectronics at £45,000; civil at £43,569; and avionics at £43,188. In PayScale, the website claims that UK architecture, engineering and construction jobs will give you better rates as you stay longer in the industry. Architecture, construction and engineering salaries according to experience will give you these rates: average rate for those with less than a year of experience is £24,554; 1 to 4 years is £26,956; 5 to 9 years is £31,292; 10 to 19 years is £36,698; and 20 years or more is at £39,236. The highest rate was recorded in Aberdeen, Scotland at £38,717 while the lowest is Birmingham at £28,675.

Engineering Salaries in South Africa

SalaryExplorer says that monthly engineering salaries are within the rates of R98, 333 and R2, 250. Median wage recorded for engineers in the website is R27, 000 with salaries averaging at R31, 085. In PayScale, website showed that comparing architecture, construction and engineering salaries, project engineers recorded the best average wage at R350, 791 followed by structural engineers at R339, 041. Mechanical engineering salaries arrived at a median wage of R294, 280 while civil engineers has an average compensation rate of R290, 330. Expect engineering salaries to have an average rate of R212, 243 with less than a year of experience. Increase will be seen as you gain seniority with engineers with 20 years or more experience having average wage of R212, 243.

Engineering Salaries in New Zealand showed that engineering salaries averaged at NZ$90,744 in New Zealand where the minimum salary is NZ$79,721 while the maximum is NZ$101,767. In TradeMe, management sector recorded the highest salary among the engineering salaries gathered by the website. Average engineering salaries for other sectors are as follows: building services at NZ$75,000; civil and structural at NZ$85,000; electrical at NZ$75,000; energy at NZ$95,000; environmental and geotechnical at $85,000; industrial at NZ$47,000; mechanical at NZ$55,000; project management at NZ$85,000; and water and waste at $65,000. Engineering salaries recorded in the website ranged from NZ$32,000 to NZ$140,000.

Engineering Salaries in India

Among the average engineering salaries recorded in PayScale under the category of architect, engineering and construction, structural engineers had the best rate at Rs588, 229. Civil engineers, mechanical engineers and project engineers followed with the rates of Rs362, 499, Rs353, 479 and Rs3244, 901 respectively. Working in programming and development will give you higher engineering salaries. Software engineers acting as development directors recorded an average income of Rs3, 437,465. Developers and programmer reported an annual median wage of Rs347, 174 while those who are considered seniors could have wages of Rs607, 404.

How to become an engineer

An engineering job will often require one to get a bachelor’s degree in a specific engineering field. Depending on your employer, a doctorate or a master’s degree may suffice in the event that the entity is only engaged in research. However, obtaining a bachelors’ degree in engineering will give you an edge when you will be applying in reputable engineering firms. Most engineers have taken a field of specialization in civil, mechanical or electronic engineering. Expect engineering courses to cover many types of subjects concentrated in science, math and subjects related to chosen specialization.  A bachelor’s in engineering will often require you to be in school for 5 years. Although a 4 year engineering technology program may allow you to get an entry-level engineering job, you will not be allowed to take the licensure for engineers. Licensure requirement will vary depending on where you plan to practice engineering. Most of these will require a candidate to have finished an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accredited program, must have gained at least 4 years of work experience and to successfully pass a state issued test before one can be granted the title of professional engineer (PE). If one wishes to increase engineering salaries, enrolling in an MBA course or other graduate degree programs will help you achieve this.

Conclusion about Engineering Salaries

Engineering salaries are highest in petroleum industries as seen in the data gathered by BLS. Petroleum engineers are earning a median salary of $114,080. Other average engineering salaries to have shown high rates are nuclear engineers at $99,920, computer hardware engineers at $98,810, aerospace engineers at $97,480 and chemical engineers at $90,300. Choosing to work in these fields will give you the best rates in engineering field and wage rates could still be augmented if you acquire an MBA or a graduate degree course.

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