Industrial engineer salary

Industrial engineer’s salary is around $80,000 in the United States. A business could reach its full potential if everything that concerns it is working in an orderly manner. When this happens, you can have more profits coming into the business. In order to achieve this, the business owner may opt to hire an industrial engineer. This person could help the business improve its processes, recommending the most efficient way to manage resources such as machines, people, and energy in the manufacture of products. Reducing waste is one of their major concerns. They do this by using mathematical models that a business could use in its operational goals. The average rate for industrial engineer according to Bureau of Labor Statistics is $82,100 per annum or $39.47 an hour. Keep reading for more information about industrial engineer salary and career requirements.

Industrial engineer job description

There are several duties and responsibilities of an industrial engineer. Some of these are observing operational schedules, implementing quality control procedures, communicating with staff and management, designing and drafting project layouts, estimating cost of product design and implementing changes to fit the business’ budget, and directing other workers. The main responsibility of an industrial engineer is to assist businesses make production operations more efficient, eliminating excess waste. They make use of statistical methods to help them determine the right number of people to work for certain operations, what types of manufacturing processes should be used and in order to comply to production demands. Their work entails the use of their skills both for manufacturing and business administration processes since business operational activities is always a combination of the two. When the other is not working properly, the other suffers.

How much does an industrial engineer make?

Average industrial engineer salary

BLS says that the average industrial engineer salary in US is $82,100 a year or an equivalent rate of $39.47 an hour in 2012. The lower 10% have wages less than $51,180 while the 90th percentile earned more than $118,300 in the same year.

Industrial engineer salary in USA

The median industrial engineer salary in the US according to PayScale is $63,811. Wages earned ranged from $45,709 to $89,954. Among the employers mentioned, Intel paid the highest salary with the rates of $50,335 to $109,262. Other employers paid with these rates: Boeing at $47,686 to $97,309; UPS at $72,090 to $83,331; Ford at $67,024 to $98,432; and Chrysler Group at $77,081 to $85,305.

Experience is one of the main factors for salary increase. Take a look at this data and you will see the difference in salary, taking into account seniority: less than a year will give you wages of $43,476 to $65,944 per annum or $8.30 to $38.78 per hour; 1 to 4 years will give you wages of $45,576 to $70,717 a year or $14.85 to $25.98 per hour; 5 to 9 years of experience will increase salary to the rates of $51,445 to $87,455 per annum or $16.15 to $38.69 per hour; 10 to 19 years will let you earn from $52,495 to $97,002 a year or $16.89 to $40 an hour; and 20 years or more will give you salaries of $53,930 to $111,961 annually or $29.72 to $45.20 per hour.

Electrical engineer in US is awarded several benefits or perks that could include 401(k), paid sick leave and holidays, life insurance or disability, cell phone, casual atmosphere and tuition reimbursements.

industrial engineer salary in USA

industrial engineer salary

Industrial engineer salary by state

BLS says that the top paying states for electrical engineer are the following: Alaska at $110,780 per annum or $53.26 per hour; California at $97,450 per annum or $46.85 per hour; Texas at $96,860 per annum or $46.57 per hour; Wyoming at $96,530 per annum or $46.41 per hour; and Delaware at $93,880 per annum or $45.13 per hour. PayScale on the other have these geographical rates: California at $50,085 to $95,092; Texas at $48,342 to $87,795; Michigan at $52,447 to $96,679; Ohio at $44,959 to $81,319; Florida at $39,998 to $85,235; Georgia at $46,495 to $74,028; and Illinois at $49,708 to $85,154.

Industrial engineer salary in Canada

The average industrial engineer salary in Canada says WowJobs is CA$76,848 a year. Salary Explorer says that this is CA$5,194 a month, lower than the average rate for all engineers at CA$6,742. In PayScale, the median wage recorded is CA$59,559. The basic engineer salary ranged from C$46,024 to C$78,663. Total pay rates are from C$45,323 to C$84,227 with the inclusion of bonuses valued at C$8,328 and profit sharing of C$99.33 to C$7,047 to basic rates.

Industrial engineer salary in UK

UK industrial engineer has a median salary rate of £29,392. The typical base range is from £19,761 to £38,442. These rates could still increase further to wages of £20,053 to £40,977 if one is given bonuses that could be valued as much as £5,017. Entry-level positions offer basic salaries of £19,797 to £37,054 with the ability to earn bonuses of £5,017, increasing total pay rates to £20,307 for up to £40,264.

Industrial engineer salary in Australia

Australia industrial engineer salary are within the rates of AU$48,479 and AU$102,129, inclusive of bonuses of AU$10,728. Median pay rate is AU$78,482. An experience of 1 to 4 years will give you wages of AU$54,000 to AU$76,500 a year while 10 to 19 years on the job will let you earn from AU$79,321 to AU$101,736. Certain skills may let you earn more. Those who are skilled in Microsoft Excel reported industrial engineer salary rates of AU$86,385 to AU$103,846. Knowledge in project management might allow you to have compensation rates of AU$70,500 to AU$98,000. And if you know PowerPoint, this may let you earn from AU$86,385 to AU$103,846.

Industrial engineer salary in South Africa

PayScale reported salary of R120,926 to R464,437 for industrial engineer in South Africa. The website also mentions that the median rate for this particular job is R258,498. Getting older may be dreaded by some but if you are an industrial engineer, experience will let you earn more. Wages according to years rendered on the job are the following: less than a year will have salaries of R51,064 to R328,601 per annum; 1 to 4 years is from R108,724 to R347,323; 5 to 9 years is from R208,356 to R482,013; and 10 to 19 years is from R241,610 to R803,494. Certain cities offer better wages too. Here are the rates in some of the popular cities in South Africa: Johannesburg at R121,519 to R472,018; Pretoria at R117,198 to R433,105; Cape Town at R98,633 to R576,064; Port Elizabeth at R102,684 to R285,174; Durban at R61,042 to R372,000; and Centurion at R240,746 to R340,509. Additional perks may include company pension plan, paid sick leave and holidays, cell phone, life insurance or disability, flexible working hours and tuition fee reimbursement on education and training.

Industrial engineer salary in New Zealand

In MyCareer, the website reported a drop in the salaries of engineers of all trade in New Zealand. Records show that the average wage in October 2012 was NZ$94,247 while in September 2013, this is at NZ$83,944. The average industrial engineer salary is just above this rate. The website says that this is at NZ$93,690. The average top rate is said to be at NZ$150,000 while the minimum is at NZ$43,742.

Industrial engineer salary in India

In India, the median pay rate for industrial engineers according to PayScale is Rs 436, 732. Industrial engineer salary could be in between the rates of Rs 165,503 to Rs 792,168. If you include bonuses of Rs 1,250 to Rs 79,096 and profit sharing of Rs 1,272 to Rs 581,748 to these rates, total pay rates could be from Rs 172,850 to Rs 872,288.

How to become an industrial engineer

A bachelor’s degree is required for an industrial engineering job even for entry-level positions. Many employers prefer applicants who have work experience. As early as highs school, take a particular interest in subjects like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, computer science, chemistry and physics. This will help you with mathematics and science courses in college. A bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering will typically last for 4 years. However, some colleges and universities have 5-degree programs that will allow you to both have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at the same time once you graduate. A master’s degree could allow you entry to educational jobs or in research programs. If internship is allowed in your school, then take part in it since this will be your initial training ground and you could put this in your resume as an experience. Aside from proficiency in mathematics, there are several skills that might be useful for you as an industrial engineer such as critical thinking, listening skills, reading comprehension, writing, communication, speaking and coordination. Licensure is not common for industrial engineers but you may need to obtain one if you will be working for an entity that has a government contract.

Conclusion about industrial engineer salary

Industrial engineers help businesses increase their productivity by improving administrative and manufacturing processes. A bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering is the basic requirement for this job. In order to advance your career as a professor or as a part of a research team, you need to get a master’s degree. Salary rates are highest in the states of Alaska, California, Texas, Wyoming and Delaware. In the US, BLS claims that the average industrial engineer salary rate is $82,100 annually in 2012.

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