Entertainment & Performance salaries

They say that life was made easier with the existence of technology. However, this may not be true for all. For some, living means having to be in a stressful environment. Getting to work alone would mean having to deal with the difficulty of being stuck in traffic. At work, one has to do a number of tasks. As technology developed, jobs became more complex. This is why people work hard and play hard at the same time. To forget the worries they usually face in their homes or at their workplace. In these leisure times, the entertainment industry helped people cope with different stressors. Are they making much from their jobs?

Expected Salaries in the Entertainment Industry


You see them in movies and theatres. Sometimes, they also partake in advertising campaigns, television and radio programs. Some have worked their way up the ladder of success by perfecting their craft with trainings. Some on the other hand are lucky enough to have been discovered by agents or producers. If you are acting for a national television show or for the movies, you will be exposed to a greater extent compared to theatre actors. This will entail the need to learn how to deal with paparazzi and fans. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, actors are earning an average hourly income of $17.44 for most. However, lead actors and actresses of blockbuster movies are earning by the millions.


Musicians encompass talents ranging from pop to classical performers in orchestras. Music is very diverse. Most people only have access to popular music like pop, RnB, and rock. Classical and jazz music, although beautiful in their own right, are only appreciated by a few. Music, may this be new or old, is one of the best ways to entertain one’s self during leisure hours. Many musicians are springing by the day but only a few are able to make it to the mainstream. According to BLS, musicians are paid an average hourly wage of $31.94. Just like actors, if you are backed by a recording company, you have the chance to make millions of cash depending on the sales of an album or number of tours booked.


Dancers perform on stage as a backup talent for a singer, in theatres or could also perform in their very own show. Just like singing or playing a musical instrument, dancing requires talent. Many are given this gift but only a few are able to make it their job. Why? Competition is very stiff and for some, pay may not be enough to sustain daily needs. However, a dancer has the option to transition as a choreographer but while one may have the ability to dance, coming up with unique steps is a talent only reserved for a few. Dancers are paid an average hourly rate of $19.02.

Higher Paying Jobs in Entertainment Industry

Although actors, dancers and musicians are the front acts, they may not necessarily be earning the best rates in the entertainment industry. Producers and directors, the people responsible in the creative decisions pertaining to a movie, television, concert, stage and videos are earning an average yearly wage of $92,390 or an equivalent of $44.42 per hour. Choreographers that create dance routines have an average salary of $44,930 per year or $21.60 per hour. Musical directors and composers are making $53,420 as a yearly average on an hourly rate of $25.68.

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