Hospitality salaries

According to Bureau of labor Statistics, the leisure and hospitality sector has seen a growth of 75,000. Now that more and more jobs are being created, will this mean lesser salaries for employees in this sector? Since the birth of hotels and other tourism services became more popular, this created a number of job opportunities to people. Jobs like chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, events planners, caterers, and managers became indispensable. You either work up front or behind the scenes, both of which could be fulfilling if you like making people happy. Working in this type of sector could have its benefits like being up close with celebrities or eating gourmet meals. How much can you earn by working in the hospitality sector?

Salary Expectations for Hospitality Jobs

Chef salary

According to, salaries for all types of chefs increased from 2010 to 2011. Executive chefs earned an annual salary of $83,086 in 2011 followed by chef de cuisine at $56,627. Sous chefs had an average wage of $43,130 while pastry chefs had an annual income of $57,764. The lowest rates were earned by pastry cooks and line cooks with earnings of $27,870 and $28,895 respectively. According to the website, pastry chefs had the highest increase with the rate change of 18.6% while the lowest increment was earned by line cooks with these employees paid by the hour instead of a steady income. Those who hold a degree in culinary arts gained higher salary increases compared to those who don’t.

Head of Housekeeping salary

BLS says that first-line supervisors of housekeeping and janitorial workers are earning an average annual income of $37,830 or an hourly rate of $18.19. In, however, rate recorded is much higher. The website says that heads of housekeeping are earning an average salary of $77,176. The lower 10% are earning an annual wage of $52,875 while the 90th percentile have an annual salary rate of $102,696. This jobs will usually ask you to have at least obtained a high school diploma or an equivalent with an experience of at least 7 years in related field. The head of housekeeping is responsible in directing employees in the housekeeping department and usually reports to top management about the department’s performance.

Sommelier salary

A sommelier is also called a wine steward. This person is in charge of the restaurant’s wine cellar and makes recommendations on which what types of wines will be best paired with the restaurant’s food. They serve wine to guests as well as educate them regarding different types of vintages. Formal training may not be required for this type of job but getting training and certification will increase your chances of bagging a job. Median salary rate for sommeliers is $51,573 according to Beginners are expected to earn wages of $28,793 while top earners have an average annual rate of $74,335. Read more about sommelier salary.

Other Hospitality salaries

If you are a hotel or a casino manager, your salary rate could reach the 6-figure mark. Casino property general managers are earning an average rate of $218,300 while hotel managers have an average wage of $112,400. Bartenders have an average annual income of $18,680 while receptionists have an average wage of $27,050. As you can see, the higher salaries are given to those who hold a degree or whose work requires certification, training or experience.

Here is the complete list of hospitality salaries:
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Culinary arts salary
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