Information Technology (IT) salaries

The world as you see today is run by computers. It may have started with simple computers like calculators but this is now more sophisticated than ever. A company’s database or an application you use in your computer is the product of a science called Information Technology. This allowed people to communicate on a global scale, pay bills with the click of a mouse and be entertained with computer generated movies. Pay rates are high in an IT department because of the complexity of tasks that may come with the job. Considering if an IT or computer degree is what you need to get higher salaries in the future? Here’s a list of the pay rates of computer and IT related jobs available in the market.

Knowledge in IT Will Lead You to Better Wages

Software Developers

A software will allow you to do a specific task on a computer. This may be of any nature such as financial or creative work. These are designed by an individual called a software developer. What software developers do is study your needs and create a program that will revolve around these needs. Sometimes, they may work with other computer programmers but many are able to work on their own, writing their own codes. Most software developers have a bachelor’s degree in computer programming. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that software developers earn an average income of $90,530 a year. The lower 10% have wages of $61,040 while the upper 10% made $1443,330.

technology salaries around the world

technology salaries

Computer and Information Research Scientists

Computers run on a set of algorithms and these are created by computer and information research scientists. Their work has led to increased efficiency in many different trades and led to the development of new computing tools. This job often requires a Ph.D. in computer science or related discipline. This position could make you a computer science professor in the future. It is common for computer and information research scientists to work with electrical engineers and computer hardware engineers. Average wage for this type of job according to BLS is $100,660 a year where the top earners reportedly having wages as much as $153,120.

Computer Systems Analysts

Most businesses are now run with the help of computers. A systems analyst provides recommendations on how existing computer systems in a business could further be improved. They act as a bridge to common users and programmers. They are needed because some jargons in IT may not be understood by general users and vice versa. A computer related and management course may be needed for this type of job because you need to perform business tasks while communicating with IT personnel at the same time. According to BLS, average pay-outs for this job is $77,440 a year or $37.38 per hour.

Computer Programmers

Computer programmers work closely with software developers, coding the latter’s design into instructions that can be followed by computers. They could also design their own program if they wanted to. Most of them hold a bachelor’s degree but some were able to enter into this job with only an associate’s degree. Expertise in this field may give you the option to advance your career into an analyst position. Computer programmers are earning a mean salary of $71,380 or an equivalent hourly wage of $34.32 per hour according to BLS.

Here is the complete list of information-technology salaries:
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