Lawyer salaries

Law has been present for hundreds of years now. Aquinas mentioned 4 main types of law and these are the eternal, the natural, the human and the divine law. While all of these are interrelated in some way, law school is centered on the study of the human law. Many people aim to make it big with a career in law. However, law school is just the first step and only a few are able to successfully pass the bar exams. But many say that pay rates are high that’s why many new graduates enter to law school after acquiring a degree. But what type of lawyer should you be in order to gain entry to higher salaries? Read on and find out the cash taken home by some of the lawyers in the industry.

Can the Years Spent Studying Law Give You Higher Pay ?

Corporate Lawyer salary

Corporate lawyers are only concerned with the activities of the corporation they represent. These are hired by business entities to aid in its legal affairs. Some of these include drafting of employee contracts, representing the entity in a lawsuit and looking into the affairs of the business if these comply with rules and regulations set by the state. A corporate lawyer is expected to earn in between the rates of $48,810 and $162,504. In Indeed, the website gave an estimated average corporate lawyer salary of $95,000.

Employment Rights Lawyer salary

While there are unions that help protect employees, their existence may not be enough guarantee for employers not to violate employee rights. Many employees complain of unjust working hours, termination due to unknown causes, insufficient pay, harassment and other issues concerning the workplace. In these, an employment rights lawyer may come to your rescue. This job will allow to earn from $100,116 to $202,987 a year. The estimated average salary is much lower in Indeed with the rate of $83,000 annually.

Real Estate Lawyer salary

Real Estate agents reportedly could earn as much as a million dollars given the right opportunity and stable economic condition. Can real estate lawyers earn just as much? Instead of selling of buying property, real estate lawyers are responsible in legal side of the selling or acquisition of a property. A property, whether for lease or sale, needs a tangible proof drafted in paper. Real Estate lawyers can do this for you, acting as a mediator between the parties involved if there are further issues that need to be taken care of. Real estate lawyers are able to take home salaries ranging from $43,507 to $136,038 yearly.

Criminal Lawyer Salary

Even if the public screams a guilty verdict to the accused, the law mandates that everyone should be given a fair chance at trial. Of course, while it is possible to represent one’s self in court, it’s better to hire someone adept with the law especially when charged with heinous crimes like rape, plunder, physical assault, murder and the like. This is what criminal lawyers specialize in- to defend people accused or these crimes. Salary expectation for a criminal lawyer is from $39,596 to $127,425. Rates may be higher for those who are handling more prominent clients.

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