Environmental lawyer salary

Environmental lawyer’s salary is around $112,760 in the United States. His main job is to attend to legal issues involving the land, air and water. This is usually the type of lawyer that lobby for regulations to control pollution, waste disposal, biodiversity protection, better materials handling, improved agriculture, and similar matters. It is up to environmental lawyer to help organizations go green and to assist them in developing sustainable business practices. These lawyers can also be considered as public interest lawyers. As public interest attorneys, they get an environmental lawyer’s salary of around $45,000 if they’re in entry-level positions and around $70,875 a year if they have more than 10 years of experience. There is also an expected 18% to 25% growth in employment opportunities for lawyers practicing in this area, based on the Green Economy reports. Keep reading for more information about environmental lawyer salary and requirements.

Environmental lawyer job description

It is the job of environmental lawyer to devote their legal practice to protecting the environment against people, companies, or practices that would cause it harm. As much as they are paid what seems to be a good enough amount of environmental lawyer salary, they have to look for and interview witnesses in preparation for hearings and for defending Mother Nature. It is also their duty to help come to a fair settlement for both parties. If settlements seem impossible, then preparation for a trial should be in place. Hence, an environmental lawyer’s salary would serve as compensation for them being a legal advisor, researcher, and negotiator.

How much does an environmental lawyer make?

Average environmental lawyer wage and salary

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2010 median salary for lawyers, including environmental lawyer, was around $112,760, while their median wage was reported to be $54.21.

Environmental lawyer salary in the USA

Environmental lawyer can also be considered as public interest lawyer. Based on PayScale’s report on the annual pay of a public interest lawyer the environmental lawyer’s salary is around $40,193 to $119,195. The median pay in the profession is $57,000. The basic salary for environmental lawyer actually ranges from $39,992 to $101,736 but the total pay is augmented by a bonus that may reach up to $491.32.

Based on experience, the environmental lawyer’s salary for those with one to four years of experience is between $41,374 and $50,050. Since the pay also increases with experience, an environmental lawyer who has been working for five to nine years in the field makes around $43,676 to $76,302 per year.

The salary for a public interest lawyer or environmental lawyer is also affected by what type of employer they are working for. The environmental lawyer’s salary for someone working for a non-profit organization is around $40,223 to $99,329, while it’s $36,000 to $65,000 for a lawyer in the state or local government.

environmental lawyer salary in US,UK and CAN

environmental lawyer salary

 Environmental lawyer salary by state

According to the 2012 industry profile report of the BLS on lawyers in general, the top paying states for lawyers, including environmental lawyer, are headed by District of Columbia, which pays $165,590 per year. The environmental lawyer’s salary in California and Delaware falls second and third in line at $153,480 and $152,580, respectively. Those in New York receive an environmental lawyer’s salary of $151,580 while those in Connecticut get $143,410 per year.

The highest environmental lawyer salary is in San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA at $184,770. The annual pay in Dothan, AL averages $174,730, while it’s $174,440 in the San Francisco-San Mateo, Redwood City, CA Metropolitan Division. In Danbury, CT, the environmental lawyer’s salary is $172,590; in the New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ area, it’s $165,660; and in the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX, it’s $164,880.

Environmental lawyer salary in Canada

The environmental lawyer’s salary for lawyers practicing in Canada, based on the PayScale salary comparison report for lawyers, ranges from C$44,567 to C$135,350. This does not include the bonus that may reach up to C$20,426 and profit shares that is between C$959 and C$19,933 per year. Some employers also give a commission of as much as C$78,297, bringing the total environmental lawyer salary to around C$46,133 to C$151,297.

Environmental lawyer salary in the UK

UK-based environmental attorneys get paid £20,345 to £85,340 per year. This does not include the bonus that may be up to £15,418, which results to the total environmental lawyer salary of £21,102 to £93,217. The median pay is around £45,440.

For those in London, the salary of environmental lawyer may be between £20,748 and £100,167. This is already inclusive of the bonus, which ranges from £498.33 to £20,067.

Environmental lawyer salary in Australia

According to PayScale’s survey reports on a lawyer’s salary, the annual earnings of an environmental lawyer may also be around AU$45,835 to AU$110,780. The median pay is set at AU$70,288. The basic environmental lawyer’s salary is cited to be around AU$45,670 to AU$105,201, plus a bonus of up to AU$9,885 and profit sharing of up to AU$2,000.

Entry-level position for environmental lawyer is compensated with an annual pay of AU$36,766 to AU$77,318. But those with more than 20 years of experience usually take home AU$118,644 to AU$195,000.

Environmental lawyer salary in South Africa

The salary of environmental lawyer in South Africa is between R88,199 and R544,207, based on the lawyer’s salary report from PayScale. The median pay is also reported to be at R194,955. The basic annual pay is actually R83,594 to R508,145, with the bonus possibly reaching R34,619 and the profit share that is as high as R101,367.

How to become an environmental lawyer

To become an environmental lawyer, one needs to complete a bachelor’s degree or undergraduate study that usually runs for four years and a law degree that can be completed in three years. However, most states require that aspiring lawyers have a Juris Doctor (degree) from American Bar Association-accredited schools. Aspiring environmental lawyers should also take undergraduate courses, such as history, public speaking, government, economics, English, and mathematics. Some law schools provide elective environmental law courses, such as those that involve major federal statutes and regulations, for second and third year law students. Lawyers with a JD must pass the written board exam first before practicing law legally. Many states impose the need for lawyers to take legal continuing education courses.

Conclusion about environmental lawyer salary

A lawyer earned $112,760 a median salary of $112,760. However, the environmental lawyer salary in 2012, according to the DOJ, ranges from $105,211 to $155,500. Environmental lawyer salary is one of the highest, you may compare it with another lawyer salary.

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