Maintenance salaries

In this day and age, a white collar job seems to be the icing of the cake. Almost everybody wants to have a job what will allow one to wear a three-piece suit or an office uniform. Many strive to earn a degree or a master’s in the hopes of earning an office-based job. However, there are other opportunities awaiting you besides office work. The maintenance sector offers a broad range of jobs. While the tasks may not be as elegant as the ones handled by a pre-school teacher or a receptionist, pay rates can be higher depending on the amount of responsibility that comes with the work. Here are some examples of maintenance jobs that have desirable pay rates.

Will a Maintenance Job Pay Your Bills?

Electrician salary

In order to become one, you need may need to enter into an apprenticeship program or attend a technical school. In the United States, you will be required to get a certification prior to practice. Electricians can work indoors or outdoors. They install and maintain electrical wirings and lighting systems. If found necessary, they repair or replace electrical components with the use of their tools. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that electricians are earning an average annual income of $48,250 or an hourly rate of $23.20. Read more facts about Electrician salary.

Carpenter salary

In the United States, most carpenters enter into this profession by entering into apprenticeship programs. The others learn the trade by getting a job as a helper. The job itself will require you to handle different physical tasks which is why many carpenters fall ill or suffer from serious accidents. They can construct and repair indoor or outdoor infrastructure frameworks made of materials like wood or cement. Carpenters are earning an annual average salary of $39,530 or $19 per hour. Job outlook is an expected growth of 20% from 2010 to 2020, considered faster than the average. Read more about carpenter salary.

Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters salary

Most buildings will require water supply. This could only be made possible withy the presence of pipes. Plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters, although considered distinct from one another, perform almost similar tasks. They are responsible in installing pipe systems into infrastructures. Most states will require you to obtain a certification before you can work as one. You can learn this trade through apprenticeship programs or alternatively, you can enter into a technical school. Expected annual wage for these jobs is $46,660 or an hourly rate of $22.43.

Ground Maintenance Workers salary

If there is someone taking care of the building, then there must be someone taking care of its surroundings. Ground maintenance worker is responsible in ensuring that outside environments look pleasant. They do this by making sure that everything is clean or that plants are trimmed. The job can be physically demanding, requiring you to dig, bend, and lift. This job is expected to grow by 20% from 2010 to 2020 according to BLS. This can be a seasonal job in areas where there is winter. Those who work in warmer climates have an edge in keeping this job all year round. BLS says that ground maintenance workers have an average yearly salary rate of $23,740 of $11.41 an hour.

Here is the complete list of maintenance salaries:
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Airplane mechanic salary
Auto technician salary
Car mechanic salary
Carpenter salary
Diesel technician salary
Electrician salary
Electronic engineering salary
Electronics technician salary
Helicopter mechanic salary
Industrial electrician salary
Journeyman electrician salary
Master electrician salary
Motorcycle mechanic salary

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