Management salaries

A degree in management gives you the ability to enter in different trades. If your aim is to get your daily bills paid, a clerical job may suffice. However, this degree can give you entry into top paying jobs like that CEOs and managers. A high paying job will more than pay for your daily needs. You will have the extra cash to spend for your wants like your own house or a car and who doesn’t want this? Here is a list of the top management jobs that could make this happen for you.

What Are the Top Paying Management Jobs ?

Chief Executive Officer

Of all managers, chief executives take the crown as the highest earner. Chief executives are in charge of setting the vision and strategies of a company. They direct the company as a whole. The job may entail coming up with budget plans, overseeing the hiring process of employees, representing the company in professional and civic functions and reporting to the board of directors. Depending on the needs of the organization, the CEO could even go beyond these expectations. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, chief executives are earning an annual average income of $176,840 or an hourly wage of $85.02. However, this is only reflective for most positions. Your earnings could go by the millions if you work for top corporations. Stephen Hemsley of UnitedHealth Group reportedly earned $102 million in 2010. Edward Mueller of Quest Communications earned $66 million with his combined earnings in salary, stocks and bonuses.

Chief Financial Officer

All businesses have one main goal- to bring profits to the company. In order to achieve this, the finances of the company must at all times be in a desirable position. This means that cash inflows are higher than cash outflows. A chief financial officer is responsible in reporting the financial position of the business including predicting financial forecasts that the company could use to sustain its position in the market. says that CFOs are earning an average annual income of $307,982 but Indeed says that expected annual salary is lower with the rate of $83,000. The top CFOs took home millions of earnings. Peter Oppenheimer of Apple had $17 million in earnings. In 2012, Safra Catz of Oracle made $51.7 million. Patrick Pichette of Google had earnings of $38.7 million in 2012. Comcast’s Michael Angelakis has a total package of $23.2 last year while Keith Sherin of General Electric made $20.2 million, acting as a CFO and Vice President for the company. Read more about CFO salary.

Chief Technology Officer

The world including business operations are now reliant on technology. This is why a chief technology officer is now found as a valuable asset in companies. While there is no specific course required for this position, individuals who took up IT management are given priority. says that average income for CTOs is $19,639 with the 10th percentile earning wages of $130,186 and the 90th percentile at $292,022.

General Manager

Companies are broken down into departments. A general manager is someone in charge of one of these departments. Most general managers start with entry-level positions. This job can gain you entry into executive positions. BLS reports that the mean annual wage for general and operations managers is $114,850 or $55.22 an hour. According to the highest earners are property general manager in casinos where average salary recorded is $197,606 followed by plant managers at $160,470.

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