Manufacturing salaries

If your work is geared towards creating new products where you use raw or semi-finished products, then you are working for the manufacturing industry according to US Census Bureau. There are many sectors of the manufacturing industry. Some of these are the industries of transportation, furniture, wood, paper, leather, apparel, electrical equipment and fabrication. Salary rates for these sectors will vary depending on what type of skill is needed to perform the job and how difficult this could be. Here are some examples of jobs that you can find in the manufacturing industry.

Popular Manufacturing Jobs and their Equivalent Salaries


Manufacturing plants usually use tools to produce goods. A machinist on board may be needed because one cannot always guarantee that these tools to work in an optimal level. Machinists have the capability to repair these tools. This job may require you to enter into an apprenticeship program coupled with continuous to keep updated with technology. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that average yearly income for machinists is $40,860 or an equivalent of $19.65 per hour. PayScale on the other hand says that median wage for machinists is $42,325 with expected rates ranging from $26,453 to $64,331, inclusive of other cash benefits like bonuses as much as $2,025 and profit sharing of $203.22 to $4,894.

Sewers and Tailors

The RTW sector including sectors that need upholstery and the stitching of other materials will always need the help of sewers and tailors. These people can create new products like clothes as well as perform alterations when needed. Most sewers and tailors have not undergone formal schooling. This job can be learned through on-the-job training or apprenticeship programs. In the United States, this trade is only expected to grow by 1% since more affordable products are imported by the country. As of 2010, BLS says that sewers and tailors are earning an average yearly salary of $25,850 or $12.3 per hour.

Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics

Cars and other types of vehicles need maintenance from time to time. This is what automotive service technicians and mechanics do. They assemble cars and vehicles and repair these is needed. Most employers are now looking to hire individuals who have undergone formal training since components for vehicles is now becoming more and more sophisticated. High school may provide courses in computer, mathematics, and automotive repair that may help you prepare for these types of trainings. According to BLS, these jobs will give you an expected average income of $35,790 or $17.21 an hour.

Metal and Plastic Machine Workers

Today, it is very common for you to see products made out of plastic and metal. Most of these products are now being produced by machines. The people who operate these machines are called metal and plastic machine workers. A high school diploma may suffice for this type of job. One could learn the trade in a few weeks’ time of training.  Most of them learn by observing other senior workers while they work. Certification is not generally required but some employers expect their machine workers to take one. The expected mean wage for this job according to BLS is $31,910 yearly or $15.34 per hour.

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