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What prompted you to buy your cellphone or the products that you use in the bathroom? Or why do you choose to wear certain clothes? While many people say that this is their own personal choice, isn’t it that a trend is often promoted by a certain entity or a personality? Why do you companies ask a celebrity to endorse their products or services? This is what marketing, advertising or PR is all about. It’s the art of influencing people to buy a certain product or service. Although marketing is a broader term and encompasses the discipline of producing goods and services, this is often attributed to advertising and PR practices. You may have heard that people engaged in marketing are reeling in the big bucks. Is this really true? Read on and see for yourself.

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers

Most agencies require a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for this job. Advertising managers oversee the work of the advertising staff. They work for an agency that offers

 advertising services and part of their job is to create campaigns for business entities. This job requires that need to do market research, coming up with sketches and planning what form of media will best be used for the campaign. That is why courses in sales, market research, consumer behaviour, marketing, and photography are found valuable for this type of job. The expected average annual income for this profession is $108,260 or an equivalent hourly rate of $52.05 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Advertising Sales Agents

Although a billboard space may be inviting for businesses, there are times when you need to convince them before they give in to the need to advertise their products and services. This is what advertising sales agents do. They are the ones who sell advertising space to business entities. They mostly work outside the office and most of their time is spent in calling potential clients. Although a high school diploma may suffice in order to get you this job, many employers require applicants to at least have a bachelor’s degree. According to BLS, advertising sales agents are earning an average yearly wage of $45,350 or $21.80 per hour.

Market Research Analyst

Before launching a certain product or a service, a business cuts down future possible losses by investing in market research. This entails the need to study market trends and competitors. Market research analysts conduct research by using several tools such as survey, interviews, reviewing history records and letting a controlled group try products or services before having these available on a national scale. A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree is often required for this job. Courses related to statistics, math or computer sciences will help you with market research. Market research analysts have an average compensation rate of $60,570 yearly or $29.12 an hour.

Other Marketing Jobs

Marketing jobs offer desirable rates although photographers are earning below $40,000 with their average rate of $29,130. Other marketing jobs are above this mark. Film and video editors are earning an average compensation rate of $45,490. Graphic designers on the other hand are taking home compensation rates of $43,500 while meeting, convention and event planners have a rate of $45,260. Writers are also earning desirable wages with the average rate recorded at $55,420.

Here is the complete list of marketing-advertising-pr salaries:
Copywriter salary
Research analyst salary
Technical writer salary

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