Media salaries

The media has evolved in the recent years. In the past, people relied mostly on print media. Newspapers and magazines were the trend then. Today, man is given different options. One could read the newspaper, listen to the radio, watch television or connect to the Internet when one wants to know the latest news. News happens in the speed of light and it’s a good thing that forms of communication has improved to allow these to reach people the fastest time possible. Have you been contemplating on working for a broadcast or print media and are wondering which option would be best for you? Here’s an inside look on the salaries of people working in the media.

Is There Money in Working for the Media ?

Reporters, Correspondents and Broadcast News Analysts

These jobs are often given to individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in communication or journalism. They either work for a publication, television or radio organization. Many are working full-time but there are also those who are doing this on a part-time basis. If you have seen a news story in the television and this in some way touched you, all credit is given to the person who wrote this. This work requires talent since presenting a news is pretty much like telling a story. That is why there is such a thing called responsible journalism. Stories are given to the public in different angles without giving preference to one party. If you like telling real stories of people, a reporter or correspondent job could earn you an annual salary of $36,000 or $17.31 an hour according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.


While every story could be written by a reporter, raw stories need to be polished for better readability. All of the stories you have read in a magazine or a newspaper have been edited. This work is reserved to the editor. An editor makes an average annual income of $51,470 or $24.75 according to BLS. They correct spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. They review submitted stories by reporters and decide which of these should be included in the publication. Even television news have undergone some sort of editing. They consider audience prior publication and decide if audience is ready for the stories or not.

Art Director

Ever wondered why television shows have great settings? Or why magazines were beautifully laid out? Charge this to the creative mind of the company’s art director. Art directors use their talent to improve the visual aspect of a magazine of the setting of the show. This job could earn you better wages compared to other media jobs. An art director is expected to earn a mean income of $80,630 per year of $38.77 per hour.

Television News Anchor

Depending on how big the company you are working for, you could earn millions just like Katie Couric of CBS Evening News who reportedly earns $15 million annually. Working for a mainstream television company could easily give you an income of more than $100,000. This is one of the most coveted positions in the media. An anchor is almost given the same regard just like a movie star. But this job can be very challenging. One should not only have to read the news but must also be able to understand these enough to make a commentary. With breaking news coming in at a fast pace, one should have the ability to conduct on the spot interviews and be able to give an intelligent response if needed.

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