Pilot salaries

When someone drops the word “pilot”, one is usually inclined to think of an officer wearing a pristine white uniform thanks to the movie and advertising industries. Aside from commercial airliners, pilot jobs are also available in different settings. This may be either public or private in nature. It’s a title that is usually received with much amazement by people. Why? It’s considered one of the best paid jobs in the market. Is there really some truth to this? Here are some of the different types of pilots and their corresponding pay rates.

How Much Could You Earn Working as A Pilot ?

Helicopter Pilot salary

One of the ways by which you can become a pilot is learning how to fly a helicopter. Entering into a training school is the easiest ways to so this. Most schools only accept students who are at least 16 years of age, meet medical requirements such as vision and hearing tests, and English communication skills. In order to be allowed to work professionally, a helicopter pilot will need to obtain a Commercial Rotorcraft License issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Helicopter pilots are earning an avarage salary of $73,000 a year says Indeed. Salary.com on the other hand says that the average salary of helicopter pilots is $84,642 per annum where the lowest 10% had pay rates less than $60,063 while the top earners are making more than $130,948 in a year.

Jet Pilot salary

Yes, even after more than a decade, a young Tom Cruise in a jet aircraft while starring in Top Gun still looks absolutely cool. With the jet’s ability to perform twists and turns at the command of its pilot, it does seem like a thrilling ride. But is the pay rate just as adventurous as well? A jet aircraft is considered a very sophisticated airplane. Flying this requires the touch of an experienced pilot. Most jet pilots first learn to fly slower aircrafts before moving on training with a jet airplane. Salary expectations for jet pilots vary depending on several factors like employer, type of jet being flown, experience, position and location. PayScale says that on the average, a corporate jet pilot earns $77,272 a year while a commercial jet pilot earns with the rate of $71,780. Salary.com on the other hand says that Captains in large jets have a median income of $120,267 while a co-pilot of the same aircraft earns less with the rate of $84,883.

Airline Pilot salary

Airline pilots fly people or cargo following a specified schedule. This may be in the form of business of leisure or commercial purposes. Most of these operate in two’s- one is the Captain and the other is the co-pilot. Training can be acquired in civilian flying school or in the military. Working for a passenger of a cargo transport will require you to get licensed by FAA. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average salary received by airline and commercial pilots is $98,410 per annum in 2012. Indeed on the other hand revealed a mean salary of $74,000 for airline pilots in the United States.

Here is the complete list of pilots salaries:
Airline pilot salary
Commercial airline pilot salary
Commercial pilot salary
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Private pilot salary

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