Project management salaries

A project manager’s job revolves around the completion of a specified project. A project is an activity undertaken by a group with the intent to come up with a tangible or an intangible output. The result may be in the form of a building, service, software, or any type of product. Project management is typically associated to architectural and engineering works wherein there may be a need to use multifaceted components. Pay rates for different types of project management jobs are usually high but will mostly require extensive experience. Listed below are some of the known project management jobs offered in the market.

How Far Will Can a Project Management Job Take You ?

Architectural Project Manager

Have you earned a degree in architecture and want to take your career a step further? One of your options is to be an architectural project manager. This job is geared towards supervising architectural projects from start to finish. Buildings may be used for different purposes such as for commercial or residential use. Most architectural project managers work inside the office but sometimes do visit the site to coordinate with other people working on the project. Aside from a degree in Architecture, related experience may be required to gain entry to this job. This person must also be updated with current architectural standards. Indeed says that architectural project managers are earning an average income of $93,000 per annum. on the other hand says that the median salary of architectural managers is $107,395 a year where the lowest 10% are earning less than $ 73,824 while the upper 10% have salaries more than $170,171.

Construction Project Manager

As its name implies, construction managers are responsible in overseeing and directing construction works. This may be an entirely new project or may also be a rehabilitative effort to restore old infrastructures. Tasks may include communicating with engineers and subcontractors, negotiating prices of materials and ensuring that the project is done in accordance to building and regulation codes. In the past, an extensive experience in the construction industry was enough to allow one to gain entry to this job. Today, employers prefer applicants who do not only have ample experience but hold a degree as well. Some of the courses leading to a career as a construction project manager are engineering, architecture, construction management, and the like. Business administration skills may also come in handy with this kind of job. Construction project managers could expect to earn an average income of $76,000 annually as shown in Indeed. PayScale seems to agree with this estimate with the website claiming that the median income for construction project managers is $71,963 per annum.

Software Project Manager

Software project managers lead the development of software projects. This is now considered an in demand job with every business or entity in need of the use of computers. Software development are not just reserved for businesses who are selling these. These too can be designed in such a way that the needs of a particular client are met. Software project managers usually have a background in software development. If you want to become one, you may want to consider taking up Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Information Technology or related field. Indeed says that the average income of software project managers is $82,000 a year while PayScale’s estimate is just a bit higher with the rate of $82,657.

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