LAPD salary

LAPD police officer’s salary is around $50,000 in the United States. LAPD is the third largest local law enforcement agency in the US, after the New York PD and the Chicago PD. The force’s police officers receive competitive salaries. They are also in for regular raises and advancement opportunities. They can even get bonuses on top of the LAPD’s salary based on their special skills, such as taking on specialized assignments or being fluent in a foreign language. LAPD officers are categorized into patrol officers, specialized assignments, sergeants and detectives, and some specialties, such as SWAT. Keep reading for more information about LAPD salary and career requirements.

LAPD job description

LAPD police officers are responsible for enforcing the law while respecting it, the Bill of Rights, and the rights of anyone accused of a crime. They work with the courts, prosecutors, and correctional officers. To prevent crimes, they work with the community and other law enforcement agencies with the goal of public order and zero crime rate. As police officers upholding justice, the police department is expected to be fair, honest and open, has the community’s voluntary cooperation, shies away from the use of force as much as possible, and control police power.

How much does a LAPD police officer make?

Average LAPD salary

As of March 1, 2014, the starting base salary for LAPD officers is around $49,924, but there are regular salary increases until they get promoted to Police Officer II with an LAPD salary of up to $88,427.

LAPD salary in the USA

The most recent change in the compensation plan for the police department took effect on March 1, 2014.

According to the official LAPD site, police officers who are high school graduates with receive a starting annual pay of $49,924, or Step 1 in the LAPD’s salary schedule. Police officers with at least 60 college semester units and a GPA of 2.0 or better get a starting salary of $51,949, as in Step 2. Officers with a BS or BA degree will start with an LAPD’s salary of $53,975, as in Step 3. After 6 months of being in the Police Academy, police officers are entitled to a first step increases. After 12 months of service, they will get another step increase until they get promoted to PO II. From the $53,795 salary in Step 3, there is still a Step 4 increase to $56,940, a Step 5 increase to $62,410, and a Step 6 increase to $64,916. This is the last step increase for a PO I.

PO II automatically gets to Step 2 of the LAPD salary schedule of $67,442. Step 3 sees their salary increase to $71,243, Step 4 to $75,168, Step 5 to $79,929, Step 6 to $83,791, and Step 7 to $88,427.

Aside from the base LAPD salary, all police officers get a uniform allowance after passing the probation period.

LAPD officer salary

LAPD police officers can move from Police Officer I to III. Police Officer I takes home an LAPD salary that ranges from $47,982 to $64,832. Police Officer II gets between $64,832 and $84,982. Police Officer III earns between $68,466 and $89,847.

LAPD SWAT salary

The average SWAT member’s salary, including the LAPD SWAT salary, was around $57,270 in 2009, according to reports posted on SWAT members earn more than patrol officers who got $51,410 in 2008 because of their specialized training. However, local SWAT members earned a bit less at around $51,020. Their supervising officers though made a bit more at $69,300 per year.

LAPD detective salary

The salary for LAPD detectives vary based on their position. Police Detective I earns between $84,982 and $100,036. Police Detective II receives between $94,774 and $105,632. Police Detective III, the final step in this rank, takes home an LAPD’s salary between $105,632 and $117,742 per year. Police officers only qualify for a promotion as a detective after four years.

LAPD starting salary

The starting salary for police officers in the LAPD varies based on their education attainment and experience. High school graduates receive an annual pay of $49,924. Those with at least 60 units in college with a GPA of 2.0 or better get an LAPD salary of around $51,959. Those who have a BS or BA degree receive a starting salary of $53,975.

How to become a LAPD police officer

To be a part of the LAPD, one has to be at least 21 years old upon entering the police academy or once training starts. Applicants must at least have a high school diploma or GED. They have to be a US citizen. Those who are naturalized citizens need an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Before getting into the police academy, applicants have to fill out a preliminary background questionnaire that will decide whether or not they will get a more extensive background check. Another questionnaire will help establish whether applicants are suitable for police work. A personal essay must be written by the applicants pointing out their suitability for police work.

Applicants to the LAPD also need to pass a physical abilities test, a medical evaluation, a test in strength, agility, and endurance, a vision test, a cardiac stress test, and a full psychological evaluation conducted by the city psychologist.

An extensive criminal background investigation should clear applicants to enter the academy and the police force. That’s why they are required to complete and submit a form, complete with their work history and other important background information. Fingerprints must be done as well as a background interview and a polygraph test.

Conclusion about LAPD salary

The LAPD is the third biggest local police force in the country. This is reflected on their higher-than-average salary of around $49,924. LAPD salary is above average.

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