Public sector salaries

To work in the public sector or look for a job in the private sector? Most students ask themselves this the time that they graduate. So what are the advantages of working for the public sector? The public sector trumps the private sector in certain areas. While some jobs in the private sector offers better wages than that of the public sector, your future may be more secure in the public sector in terms of retirement benefits and the comfort of not being disposed of easily. Private sectors are more prone to budget cuts when the economy is down and you could easily lose your job in a moment’s time. While sequestering is also imposed in the public sector, the impact is not as great compared to that of the private sector. What jobs should you be looking for if you want higher wages in the public sector? Here are some of the options that could give you better wages in public and defence sector.

Who Gets Paid the Most in the Public and Defence Sector ?


Who says that you have to be in a top corporate firm in order to have a 6-figure income as an attorney? The government offers several options for lawyers in the public sector. You could be working for several federal agencies such as the Department of the Interior, Department of Justice and Department of Justice and still get to earn an average yearly income of $114,000. This is slightly higher than the overall average wage for lawyers recorded in the Bureau of Labor Statistics which is $112,760 annually or $54.21 an hour. While top notch attorneys in the private sector have recorded above average salary rates, this may be subject to several factors such as the size of the firm and complexity of cases being handled unlike the security offered by federal government. Get more information about lawyer salary.


Interested in the Universe, what makes it tick and the objects that make it up? Then becoming an astronomer may be the job reserved for you. The public and private sector both offer competitive rates for astronomers. However, average rate in the public sector is a bit higher. This is in demand in the sectors of Army, Air Force and NASA. Astronomers could also transition as aerospace engineers, pilots and aeronautical analysts. The expected annual income in the government sector for astronomers is $116,072 while those working in the private sector have an average wage of $93,340.

Financial Manager

In all industries, budget is always an issue. Money is tied to the affairs of an entity. You need money for things like projects. The money of an agency needs to be allocated accordingly and this is the job of the financial manager. This job is often found in demand in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Department of the Treasury and the Army. New York employed the most number of financial managers and the state also pays the highest salaries. The average annual income for financial managers in the public sector is $101,022.


The growth of a government is usually tied to its economic stability. This is affected by several key areas such as the government’s ability to impose corresponding tax rates, maintaining employment levels and issuing sound credit policies. Economists contribute to the government by weighing the consequences of the possible consequences of financial decisions made by leaders. Their research is often taken into account whenever a fiscal policy, or financial decision such as issuing debt ceiling is being made. Economists in the public sector are earning an average wage of $94,098. This is more in demand in some government sectors like the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture and the Army.

Other High-Paying Jobs in the Public Sector

Some other jobs are considered to have very high pay rates. For example, political scientists are earning an average yearly income of $114,000. A computer scientist is in demand in the Army, Department of the Interior and Navy and has the potential to earn an average wage of $90,900. Human resources directors are said to earn a median wage of $88,000. Jobs like criminal investigator, architect, microbiologist, chemist and general engineer also earn high rates in the public sector.

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