Retail & Sales salaries

Selling is a job often taken on by people who have that extra charisma to spare. Why? There are many different types of buyers. There are buyers who rely on what their co-workers or family have told them about a certain product. Some buyers are impulsive and buy products depending on their mood. For some, they have to think it more than twice and take a look at the product before deciding that it’s worth their money. Then there are those very difficult people who always see something wrong with the products you have to offer. Working for a sales or retail job means that you have to deal with all sorts of buyers. Mostly, the success of a sale is often attributed to the employee’s ability to convince a buyer. What could a job in retail or sales possibly give you in return ?

Real Estate Brokers

When it comes to investments, buying a real estate property is often recommended by experts. During recession, however, the real estate industry took the hardest hit. Many people lost their homes to foreclosure. Now that the economy is taking a better turn, real estate brokers are back in business. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, real estate brokers are earning an average wage of $80,220 or an hourly income of $38.57. You need to be at least 18 years old in order to be considered for licensure. Some states require specific experience such as being a licensed sales agent for at least 1 to 3 years. This is one of the most lucrative jobs in sales.

Supervisors of Retail Workers

A retail business needs someone to supervise the work of workers. This job is given to a supervisor. A supervisor oversees other workers and see if they are working according to their job functions and responds to escalated issues like dealing with customer complaints if there are any. Duties may also include administrative tasks like accounting, purchasing, and management functions. A supervisor is expected to earn an annual income of $40,910 or $19.67 an hour.

Insurance Sales Agents

The minimum requirement for insurance agents is a high school diploma with only a third of the population having a bachelor’s degree. Of course, you need to be licensed in the state where you will be practicing in. Some of the examples of insurance policies are life, property and casualty, health and long-term care. Although it is common for an insurance agent to sell all types offered by the company, many opt to specialize in a certain field and market their services as such. An insurance sales agent makes around $63,400 a year or $30.48 an hour.

Retail Salesperson

A retail business without the presence of salespersons could easily find itself in a difficult position. Why? The overall ambiance of a retail store is not just dependent on how good the products are. That is why big businesses put emphasis on customer service. In a retail store, this job is undertaken by the salespersons. They greet the customers and give them assistance on getting the right directions or if they need information on a certain product. This job could be demanding since you may have to work while standing for long hours. According to BLS, retail salespersons are earning an average annual wage of $25,310 or an hourly salary of $12.17. Top paying states for this job are Washington, District of Columbia, North Dakota, Alaska and New Jersey.

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