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There was a time when science was not considered popular and some scientists like Copernicus were condemned for their discoveries. But that is no longer the case today. Man lives in a world surrounded by different technologies, a product of science. Today, science is considered to encompass different types of disciplines. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), science jobs will increase faster than the average rate for all jobs. If you are interested in science and its related discipline and wondering what type of job you should be doing in the future, here are some of the salaries taken from the BLS website.

Science Jobs that May Be Your Ticket to Better Income

Physicists and Astronomers

Physicists study the fundamental laws that govern matter, time space and energy while astronomers are concerned with the universe in general and the celestial bodies that encompasses it. They may be involved in research and may conduct experiments to prove new hypothesis that concerns their area of study. Job outlook is considered as fast as average with this predicted to change by 14% from 2010 to 2020. These types of jobs will give you a median pay of $105,430 annually or an equivalent of $50.69 an hour.

Political Scientists

Politics is a discipline encompassed by science. Those who study its origin, development and implementation are called political scientists. They compare existing political systems with previous systems including comparing these with those that are implemented by other nations. In order to be accepted in this profession, one must at least have a master’s or a Ph.D. degree following a course related to political science. Political scientists are earning a median salary of $107,420 per year or $51.65 per hour. Growth is slower than the average rate at 8%.


Economists are found important in different institutions such that of the government. Why ? Changes in the economy could be predicted by several factors such as the environment, health, employment levels and exchange rates. The role of the economists is to make forecasts based on these. Economists comes up with possible outcomes by using statistical tools. This, in turn, helps an entity save on costs by not venturing into financial investments that were found not viable by the economist. Economists are earning an average compensation rate of $89,450 annually or $43 an hour. Job outlook for economists is only predicted to change by 6% from 2010 to 2020.

Atmospheric Scientists and Meteorologists

Even with the existence of technology, there are still many things in the world that cannot be controlled with existing inventions. One of these is nature’s way of changing the climate. Some of the most memorable disasters were brought about by nature’s wrath. Although there is no way of controlling or reversing their effects, study of the changes in temperature, air pressure and other factors that may affect the climate could warn people of incoming natural disasters like typhoons. This work is reserved for atmospheric scientists and meteorologists. The expected annual salary for these types of jobs is $87,780 or $42.20 an hour. Number of jobs is expected to increase by 11%.

Salaries for Other Science Jobs

Depending on the nature of work, you may need to have an associate, bachelor’s or earn a postgraduate degree in order to be considered for a science job. For example, agricultural and food science technicians will only need an associate degree and are earning an average salary of $32,760 while an agricultural and food scientists are required to earn a bachelor’s degree and are expected to earn a wage of $58,450. Other science jobs that may give you better wages are biochemists and biophysicist jobs at $79,390, chemists and materials scientists at $69,790, geographers at $72,800, geoscientists at $82,500, hydrologists at $75,690, medical scientists at $76,700, and nuclear technicians at $68,090.
Here is the complete list of science salaries:
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Biochemist salary
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Chemist salary
Exercise physiologist salary
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Marine biologist salary
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