Sport salaries

If your brain could make you richer in executive positions, those who have the brawns also have the capacity to make just as much. Many professional athletes now own houses and expensive cars thanks to their million dollar earnings, proof that there is money of you have the talent for sports. If you want to know who gets paid the most in the sports industry, here’s an inside look including the athletes and professionals who are reeking in some loads of cash.

Who Reaps the Most in the Sports sector ?

Sports Agent

The top sports agents are lawyers. This may be because sports agents act as representative for athletes particularly in matters of contracts. Other tasks may include public relations, getting sponsorships, and planning the athlete’s finances. No particular educational background is needed for this type of job. A sports agent has the option to handle multiple athletes or choose to stick to one that has the capacity to earn a high income. PayScale says that sports agents are earning between the rates of $52,747 and $511,985. Read more about sports agent salary.

Professional Boxers

Boxing is a sports that requires stamina and endurance. You build your career by the number of fights you win. Only a few are able to make it to the mainstream but once you do gain entry in fights covered by international television companies like HBO, you have the chance to increase your earnings through sponsorship programs if you give out a great impression. According to Forbes, Floyd Mayweather earned $85 million June 2011 to June 2012 while Manny Pacquiao has salary earnings of $56 million plus an extra $6 million from endorsements. If you are starting out, expect pay rates to be much lower. While these two could command higher pay rates because of their high demand in the public, the other athletes who performed during their fights reported to have earned only from $800 to $8,500 from their own fights.


Golf was once considered a sports for the elite. In the early days, the golfing area for the blacks and whites were separated. However, the talent of Tiger Woods in this sports gave the black Americans pride. He is now considered one of the top earning athletes to date. From 2001 to 2011, Tiger Woods held the position as a top earner for all athletes. He recorded a wage of $4.4 million in June 2012 and got premium pay of $55 million from his endorsement of Nike. Similarly, Phil Mickelson had an income of $4.8 million and endorsement contract pay of $43 million from several sponsors.

Basketball Players

The NBA has made this sports very popular worldwide. Whenever the championships arrive, people stop what they do and bet on what team will take home the coveted trophy. The sweat of practicing can have its rewards though since you could bring home earnings of 7 figures if you are considered a prominent player in your team. LeBron James earned $13 million from salaries and $40 million from sponsorships. Kobe Bryant on the other hand has a salary rate of $20.3 million and endorsement pay-out of $32 million.

Here is the complete list of sport salaries:
Sports agent salary
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