Tourism salaries

Travel and leisure has been one of the sectors being developed by some countries. This has presented added income as well as better image for the country. Almost all countries are taking advantage of the fact that they have something unique to offer. This has gained them particular interest from people living in another country. For the locals, this sector has presented many job opportunities. While some people are on vacation, the locals are cashing in on other’s people need to relax and get acquainted with people outside their country. Are you on the lookout for a job that will let you work in the presence of foreigners or just want to have better paying job than what you already have right now? Why not try these job opportunities offered by the tourism industry?

Where the Money is in Tourism ?

Lodging Managers

Some people are made to follow. For the rest, they are born leaders or are trained to be one. A lodging manager is in charge of the overall operations of lodging establishments. When there is a problem at the hotel, the lodging manager is the person expected to resolve the situation especially when customers complain about certain services. This person is in charge in almost all aspects of a lodging business, from its finances, staff monitoring, entertaining guests, answering customer concerns, setting room prices and taking care of hotel activities. This job had an average rate of $46,680 per annum or an equivalent rate of $22.54 an hour in 2010 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

tourism salaries around the world

tourism salaries

Travel Agent

Most people nowadays like to go on vacation but with their very busy schedules, they may not be able to plan the travel preparations themselves. Many nowadays opt to book their vacation travels through the services of a travel agent. Travel agents help people find the best deals when it comes to transportation, lodgings, and entertainment activities. These individuals may work for travel agencies who sell vacation packages that are meant to save the vacationer a significant amount of money. You may have to sift through travel information, working at the targeted budget of the customer. BLS says that the average salary earned in 2010 for this type of job is $31,780 annually or $15.32 per hour.

Tour Guide

Being new in the vicinity, it could be difficult for a tourist to go to the right places without getting lost. Thanks to the help to tour guides, this is no longer a problem. Tour guides will help you get to interesting places in the local vicinity that may include recreational places, churches, old architectural building, parks and historic places. If you like getting up close and personal to tourists, then there is nothing more perfect than a job as a tourist guide. Your communication skills could earn you an annual wage of $26,280 a year or an hourly rate of $12.63 if you working in the Unites States.

Other Job Opportunities in the Tourism Industry

If the tourism industry in your county in its boom, then you will find several job opportunities that could you could enter into. Depending if you like to work with them closely or just be at the background of all the buzz, some of the jobs available to you are events coordinator, recreation worker, taxi driver, pilot, bus driver, bartender, cashier, receptionist, dishwasher, and flight attendant.
Here is the complete list of tourism salaries:
Travel agent salary

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