Transportation salaries

In the past, the basic needs of man can be broken down into three- shelter, food and clothing. That is no longer the case. Some services and commodities are now considered just as valuable such as transportation and electricity. A transport vehicle will allow you to get to your destination in a matter of minutes or hours that would take you days or months if you get there by walking. Thanks to the transport sector, you get to work on time or be in an important meeting held in another country. How much will you get if you work for this sector? Read on and find out.

Salaries in the Transport Sector

Commercial Pilot

A commercial pilot is someone who controls an airplane that may carry passengers or cargo. Most airplanes are manned by two pilots- the captain and the supporting officer. Tasks could consist ensuring that engines are working properly before a flight, coordinating with the airport’s control tower for arrival instructions, planning flight route and reviewing flight weight. There are a number of pilots who learned to fly an airplane though military training. The rest learned this by entering into a flying school program accredited by the FAA. The average wage of commercial pilots is $80,140 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics with the lower 10% earning wages of $38,520 while the upper 10% have income rates as much as $134,990.

Flight Attendant

A flight attendant job may look like a glitzy career as portrayed in the movies. You get to wear a nice pair of uniform and get perks like travelling in major countries. However, there is more to the job than just showing up in a nice physique. You need to be physically fit for this job. This could be harder than a regular job because you have to stay up for long hours and may need to carry customer baggage when assisting them. Pay rates are great though especially for those working for major airlines.  The minimum requirement for this job is a high school diploma. You need to get training before you could get certified by the FAA. Flight attendants are earning an average wage of $37,740 yearly. Read more about Flight attendant salary.


A driver will require you to get a professional license. There are several driver positions in the market. You could work for a public transport or a private transport. For example, a taxi driver will be driving a small car, intended to transport different types of people on a metered basis. A bus driver drives a bus that could be servicing the general public or hired by an organization. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs are earning an average wage of $22,440 a year or $10.79 an hour according to BLS. Bus drivers earn more with their mean income of $29,160 per year or $14.02 an hour.  Read more about average driver salary.

Water Transportation Occupations

Travel by sea are made safer with the help of people holding water transportation occupations. Merchant mariners as they are called, they are in charge of the maintenance and operation of ships that carry passengers or cargo. Educational requirements may vary depending on the employer. However, many enter this job with a bachelor’s degree obtained from a merchant marine school. Water transportation occupations have average pay rates of $46,610 a year or $22.41 per hour.

Here is the complete list of transportation salaries:
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Dispatcher salary
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