Pilot salary

Pilot’s salary is around $100,000 in the United States. Technology has speed up some of the things done my man such as travel. Airline and commercial flights has made it easier to go to another city or state in just a matter of hours. Do you know how these flights are made safer? This is because of the human touch of pilot. Pilots are individuals trained to operate a flying vehicle such as jets, airplanes and helicopters. Some of these work for airline and commercial flights. There are also those who work for the government and are employed in the military. According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), airline and commercial pilots are earning an income of $98,410 on the average in 2012. Keep reading for more information about pilot salary and career requirements.

Pilot job description

Pilots work in different settings, navigating helicopters, airplanes and other types of aircraft. Those who work on a fixed schedule and transport cargo or people are called airline pilots. Some fly aircraft for other purposes such as chartered flights, photography, application of agricultural materials, rescue missions and for firefighting. These are called commercial pilots. Aircrafts are normally manned by two pilots- the captain and the co-pilot. The captain is the more experienced pilot and is also in charge of the other employees in the plane. The co-pilot on the other hand shares some of the duties and responsibilities of the captain. In some planes that use older technology, a third pilot, also known as a flight engineer may be required to monitor and operate controls. However, most planes are now using automated controls, no longer requiring the services of a flight engineer. Some of the tasks of a pilot are ensuing that the aircraft is in its optimal condition, checking that the plane does not exceed maximum weight limit, navigating the aircraft, monitoring the aircraft during flight, responding to any unpredictable event such as engine failure and change in weather condition, and communicating with air traffic controller.

How much does a pilot make?

Average pilot salary

BLS says that the median airline and commercial pilot salary in 2012 is $98,410 per annum. The lower 10% had wages less than $66,970 while the top 10% received more than $187,200 in a year. Job outlook is less than 1% from 2010 to 2012, with little or no change at all.

Pilot salary in USA

The median airline and commercial pilot salary in the US is $98,410 per year according to BLS. The Air Line Pilots Association International says that most airline pilots have entry-level rates of $20,000 a year. However, every year, the pilot receives an increase until such a time that he or she reaches senior level or gets promoted as a captain. Captains in regional airlines are earning an average pilot salary of $55,000 a year while captains employed in major airlines have a mean wage of $135,000. Aside from this, they may also receive additional expense allowance.

Pilot salary by state

Indeed says that on the average, pilot is earning an income of $39,000. Salaries received may vary in different states. These are the average pilot salary rates in some of the states in the US: California at $42,000; Texas at $39,000; Florida at $47,000; Virginia at $40,000; Massachusetts at $46,000; Tennessee at $37,000; Pennsylvania at $37,000; Illinois at $44,000; Colorado at $35,000; Kentucky at $34,000; New Jersey at $43,000; Alabama at $40,000; Alaska at $32,000; Utah at $32,000; New York at $49,000; Louisiana at $34,000; Arkansas at $38,000; Arizona at $33,000; Missouri at $39,000; Ohio at $38,000; Georgia at $46,000; and Minnesota at $35,000.

Pilot salary in Canada

Living in Canada claims that pilot salary in this country are within the rates of CA$75,000 and CA$90,000. This further mentioned that the highest salary is earned in Calgary, Alberta with the rate of CA$89.40 per hour. The least on the other hand was recorded in Montreal, Quebec with the rate of $22 an hour. Other geographical locations are offering the following average rates: Edmonton at CA$30.81; Vancouver at CA$28.36; Winnipeg at CA$46.40; Moncton/ Shediac/ Sackville/ Richibucto at CA$26.63; and Halifax at CA$52. In PayScale, the median salary for airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers is CA$72,413 a year. Salaries recorded ranged from C$28,120 to C$181,062, inclusive of bonuses that could be valued at C$9,863. Rates tallied according to experience are as follows: 1 or 4 years at CA$25,486 to CA$52,956; 5 to 9 years at CA$30,021 to CA$129,128; 10 to 19 years at CA$62,000 to CA$137,616; and 20 years or more at CA$53,355 to CA$202,735.

Pilot salary in UK

Net Salary Calculator estimates pilot salary in UK to be anywhere from £26,000 to £40,000 for entry-level positions. Senior pilots on the other hand could be making as much as £100,000 to £110,000. This website says that the average pilot salary is £57,931. According to Prospects, pilot salary will vary depending on type of aircraft being flown, employer and experience. A newbie working for a small operation could start earning a salary of £21,000. Rates offered by larger companies are higher ranging from £22,000 to £24,000. A bit more of experience will allow you to earn in between the rates of £36,000 and £48,000. For captains, starting salary in medium-sized airline company is from £57,000 to £78,000 while major airlines are likely to pay within the rates of £97,000 and £140,000. Additional benefits may include travel discounts, pension plans and allowances.

Pilot salary in Australia

Salary Explorer recorded an average pilot salary rate of AU$6,444 per month in Australia. This too mentioned that the maximum rate earned is AU$7,500 while the minimum is AU$5,833. In comparison, PayScale recorded a median rate of AU$97,289 per annum for airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers where salaries disclosed by employees ranged from AU$48,479 to AU$360,647. Quite an expanse can be seen in the different level positions as seen on this scale: 1 to 4 years of experience will let you earn form AU$29,900 to AU$111,502; 5 to 9 years at AU$65,046 to AU$150,000; 10 to 19 years at AU$83,000 to AU$140,000; and 20 years or more at AU$90,433 to AU$355,077. New South Wales employees are being paid with the rates of AU$51,064 to AU$391,486. Wages in Victoria are from AU$60,148 to AU$347,653 while those in Queensland are being paid with the rates of AU$53,000 to AU$100,000.

Pilot salary in South Africa

In South Africa, Salary Explorer says that the average pilot salary in this country is R65,524 per month. The minimum pilot salary earned is R41,662 while the highest earned is said to be at R89,417. In comparison to other jobs in similar industry, rates for pilots are higher. Flight attendants are only receiving an average income of R25,000 per month and maintenance technicians have a rate of R47,000.

Pilot salary in New Zealand

CareersNZ says the airplane pilot salary will vary depending on length of travel, type of industry where you are employed in, position, and tenure. Entry-level charter pilots usually start at a part-time basis and are being paid by the hour. In the industry of agriculture, pilots start with rates ranging from NZ$50,000 to NZ$70,000 annually with a few able to earn as high as NZ$150,000. Domestic flight pilots start with the wage of NZ$40,000 for those who fly turboprops while jet pilots have a rate of NZ$80,000, with possible increases to a maximum rate of NZ$110,000 per annum when one is promoted as a captain. International flights will let a pilot earn a rate if NZ$80,000 while in training and will eventually increase to NZ$92,000 once they become qualified. Captains manning international flights could earn as high as NZ$300,000 in a year.

Pilot salary in India

In India, commercial pilot salary is anywhere from Rs 210,000 to Rs 8,400,000 which may include bonuses of Rs 150,000. An airline pilot on the other hand could have salaries ranging from Rs 223,008 to Rs 5,128,894 including bonuses of Rs 1,987 to Rs 402,683. Chief pilots are said to have a median rate of Rs 4,910,000.

Airline pilot salary

In the US, airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers are receiving a median salary of $120,572. Rates recorded in this website ranged from $43,076 to $270,492. Delta Airline employees have rates of $28,596 to $215,470. United Airlines is paying with salaries of $35,479 to $236,718 while American Airline rates are from $108,992 to $167,488. Incremental increases can be seen as one gains seniority. Rates offered for different experience level are as follows: less than a year at $12,305 to $143,034; 1 to 4 years at $21,000 to $120,000; 5 to 9 years at $35,353 to $121,641; 10 to 19 years at $49,111 to $197,875; and 20 years or more at $96,093 to $230,520.

Commercial pilot salary

Commercial pilot salary could be anywhere from $29,963 to $139,875, with median rate at $64,683 according to PayScale. Someone who has less than a year of experience could be earning somewhere between the rates of $45,600 to $100,000 while with 5 to 9 years on the job, commercial pilot salary could be from $18,383 to $156,594. Those who have 20 years or more of experience could have salaries of $44,250 to $227,000. Among the states mentioned in this website, New York recorded the highest salary, having paid with the rates of $18,383 to $133,273, followed by Washington with the wages of $33,600 to $170,000.

Helicopter pilot salary

According to Indeed, the average helicopter pilot salary in the US is $75,000 per annum. Salary.com on the other hand recorded a mean rate of $84,547 where the lower 10% said to be earning wages less than the rate of $59,961 while the top earners have salaries exceeding $130,805. PayScale’s data shows a median rate of $71,834, calculated from the salaries that ranged from $51,024 to $125,981. Less than a year on this job will let you earn from $46,369 to $98,353 while doing this for 20 years or more will give you wages of $56,162 to $138,560.

Air force pilot salary

US air force pilots have a total average salary of $100,457 according to Glassdoor. A report in Global Post says that the lowest earned in 2013 is $35,327 for newly hired second lieutenants who had less than a year of experience. The first lieutenants had salaries ranging from $39,103 to $54,115. The captains were able to bring home wages of $45,256 to $73,627 while the majors were paid with rates ranging from $51,473 to $85,943. As you enter higher ranks, expect to get paid even more. Aside from basic wages, allowance for food and housing could be awarded to air force pilots. Of course, rates may vary depending if you are single or a family man.

RAF pilot salary

Pay rates for RAF pilots will depend upon one’s designation or rank. A pilot officer for example has a rate of £24,861 per annum. Flying officers are earning within the rates of £29,882 to £33,029. Flight lieutenants have pilot salary rates of £38,295 to £45,541. For squadron leaders, they are being paid with salaries ranging from £48,238 to £57,771. Wing commanders could expect to earn anywhere from £67,701 to £78,393. Better pay rates are in store for group captains and air commodores with the former having salaries of £82,123 to £90,302 and the latter at £98,000 to £100,973.

Corporate pilot salary

Corporate pilots navigating jet aircrafts have a median pay rate of $80,900 says PayScale. Starting rates are from $44,788 with possible increases to as much as $148,751. With 1 to 4 years of experience, you could be receiving wages of $22,100 to $101,164 while 20 years or more of tenure will allow you to earn from $49,801 to $153,922. For non-jet commercial pilots, rates are from $30,270 to $78,836, inclusive of bonuses valued as high as $4,000. You could have salaries of $24,658 to $64,564 with an experience of 1 or 4 years and could eventually reach the rates of $35,759 to $76,596 with 20 years or more of experience.

How to become a pilot

If you want to become an airline pilot, you may want to consider training as a commercial pilot first. Many airline pilots choose this as a stepping stone to advance their career. Some of these on the other hand come from the military. The military offers a great start since it offers intensive training to aspiring pilots. Of course, requirements may be stringent. For commercial pilots, the common basic requirements are a high school diploma and a commercial pilot’s license. Additional requirements may be asked by the employer depending on the industry you will be working for. For example, working for the industry of agriculture may necessitate you to have an understanding of the agricultural products being used. Higher educational requirement may be expected for airline pilots. Most employers employ individuals who have a bachelor’s degree. Other requirements typically include a commercial pilot’s license and an Airline Transport certificate issued by the FAA. Flight training in now offered in civilian schools in the form of 2 or 4 year aviation degree programs. Once employed, an airline or a commercial pilot is mandated to take a training that adheres of the Federal Aviation Regulations which would usually take 6 to 8 weeks to finish. Additional specific training may be needed in some industries. You may need to take these certifications, following an order, if you want to be a professional pilot: student pilot certificate, private pilot license, instrument rating, commercial pilot license, multi-engine rating, and airline transport pilot certificate. Note that these individual certificates will have their own corresponding requirements.

Conclusion about pilot salary

If you don’t mind heights and like places as high as the sky, then you might as well consider getting a job as a pilot. Pay rates are not bad either with the average salary for airline and commercial pilots in the US averaging a rate of $98,410 per annum in BLS. This is high compared to other jobs available in the aviation industry. Pilot salary is above average.

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